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My biggest passion for the Moon Debutante lifestyle brand is how our items make our customers feel after purchasing our products. Each item is made with so much intention and love because we know how special the individual is who will be enjoying the item. 


We take great pride in how we box and ship our items so that when you open a package from Moon Debutante, you will feel all the weaver magic from the Moon Debutante family. 


All of our Crystal crowns come packaged in our signature “Crystal Crown Boxes” (like “hat boxes”) that include our famous key necklaces and extra little crystal points all wrapped up with a pink ribbon. 


All jewelry pieces arrive in a rose cotton pouch;  wrapped in love, tissue paper, and our signature glitter ribbon.

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Intention Ceremony



A special service we provide to our crystal crown clients is the option of an “Intention Ceremony” for your crystal crown before we box her up and ship her out to you. This helps prepare the crown for her new home, shipment, and lets the crystals absorb the personalized intentions you request. The service provides a 8-12 minute video, via email of the ceremony. We use our special Moon Debutante crystal crown herb recipe and all herbs used in your ceremony are wrapped and shipped to you. Based on the intentions we discuss; our Moon Debutante Priestess: Allison MoonStar, will pick out three colored candles that are appropriate for the intention ceremony. She Anoints the crown with a fresh flower (also included with the herbs) and performs the sacred intention ceremony personalized to you and your crown down to every detail. 


Included in this post is a snippet video (it’s a 3:30 minute video taken from a 13:30 minute ceremony video) to give you an idea of the ceremony. The ceremony is $15 as an add on to your crystal crown or free with any purchase of two crowns or more!

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